Judith Cutler

Dying To Score

Sophie Rivers is finally on vacation after a gruelling season of teaching in a deprived inner-city college, and has just started seeing Mike Lowden. When he becomes the prime suspect in a murder of a not-so-popular rival cricketer, Sophie's got too much to lose to remain merely a spectator.

I really enjoyed writing this book, much of which is set in the Black Country because Chris Groom has had a promotion to Piddock Road Police Station in Smethwick. The real-life Superintendent in charge there was kind enough to outline Chris's new responsibilities - no wonder Chris is always so tired and miserable.

Other parts are set in one of my favourite locations, Edgbaston Cricket Ground, home of Warwickshire Cricket Club. Some books are really enjoyable to research. This was definitely one of them!





6 May 1999


Excellent… Sophie is feisty, liberated and attractive.
Evening Standard

If you haven't discovered this series… then you are in for a treat… Sophie is certainly the most realistic female sleuth around today.