Judith Cutler

Head Over Heels

Set, like my first romantic novel, in Devon. It's based on a very early, under-the-bed novel, but I liked some of the characters so much I thought I'd like to resuscitate them.

If you think I exaggerate the weather in Devon, think about the worst winter floods!

For those of you who prefer my crime stories, this may be the romance to try - there's some shady goings on at the school run by Beth, the heroine. Beth's a complete contrast to Becky, the previous romantic lead: she's the woman who's got everything - or so it seems. My research for this convinced me that I'd like to be a head teacher almost as little as I'd like to be a pathologist.



Severn House Publishers Ltd


27 July 2001


The second romantic novel - also set in Devon, but with some shady goings on…