Judith Cutler

Guilt Edged

Sometimes you start a novel with a clear idea in your head, and everything goes swimmingly after that. Guilt Edged wasn't one of those - although I did start out with a clear enough idea. It was just the wrong clear idea - as I found out when I set out to research it.

A kind friend, Jeremy Clark, has contacts at a distinguished local firm of auctioneers, Moore Allen, and he generously provided me with an introduction to Philip Allwood, who exuded humour, knowledge and charm in equal measures. It was one of his asides - about Beswick figurines - that changed the course of the book. Thank you very much, Philip - I hope the resulting novel won't make you wince too much. The auctioneer might - he's quite unlike you, thank goodness - and I suspect you'd want to whip his chaotic team into shape.

It was clear after Griff's last adventure that he wouldn't - couldn't - be too active this time round, and that he would need more care than Lina could manage as she frantically tries to keep their business running efficiently. A bit of help from her ex-boyfriend would be nice, but at least she'd had the sense to get rid of him. So this time two characters who've been fairly shadowy in previous books step into the limelight: Mary Walker and her fiancé, Paul Banner. Aidan's there, of course, perhaps biting off more than he can chew.

And, of course, Lina needs some love interest. There are several young men in the offing: will this be the time she finds a decent boyfriend? I hope you enjoy finding out.



Severn House Publishers Ltd
First World Publication edition


30 April 2013


Fans of Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy series should especially enjoy Lina's adventures.
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