Judith Cutler

The Chinese Takeout

I wrote this, the second Josie Welford novel, by popular demand! Yes, really! Josie Welford proved so popular with ladies of a certain age that I couldn't resist producing a second adventure for her.

Cutler contrives to blend a cosmopolitan outlook with a quintessentially English setting. Tangled Web

As you'd expect, her restaurant is flourishing and her recipe file gets thicker by the day. But who would have thought she would end up dating a rural dean?

I've often wondered what would happen in the hard-nosed twenty-first century if someone claimed asylum in a rural church, with no facilities and precious little in the way of comfort. How would the congregation behave?

I hope we would do better than the St Jude's congregation, which is sharply divided when a young Chinese lad throws himself at the altar. But we'd know, as they do, that if you want asylum it presupposes you've committed a crime - possibly a serious one.

Since for various reasons Tang never divulges what he's done, it's up to Josie to find out what she can - which includes a lot about herself she'd rather not have admitted. There's a funeral, a christening - will Josie's story end with a wedding?



Allison & Busby


26 June 2006


In Cutler… we are undoubtedly dealing with the creme de la creme
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