Judith Cutler

Legacy of Death

What happens next?Do you ask this question when you reach the end of a novel? Did the romantic couple have a long and happy life together? Did the villain feel remorse? Did the detective suffer burn-out or PTSD after solving the case?

The nice thing about writing a series is that you can answer some of the questions yourself – and then perhaps pose a few more to lead your reader – and yourself! – on to the next one. At the end of The Wages of Sin all seemed well between Harriet and Matthew. But there were crises aplenty in their employers' family home, Thorncroft House. Not least of their problems was who would take responsibility for the Crofts' estates while both Lord Croft and his mother were ill.

In Legacy of Death the answer presents itself in the form of the long-lost heir.

Meanwhile, workmen digging the foundations for the new model village find Roman remains. How will Matthew deal with the arrival on the scene of Harriet's oldest friend, the handsome, debonair Sir Francis?

Will I tie up all the loose ends at the end of the novel? Let me scotch that notion now…


Severn House


31 December 2020


Readers will look forward to seeing more of this enterprising duo Publishers Weekly

The plot is intriguing and well-constructed, and the historical detail is excellent; the characters are engaging, well-rounded and nuanced. It is a very enjoyable book, which I recommend to any reader who enjoys historical mysteries with depth and complexity. Mystery People