Judith Cutler

Head Start

It's time for another new protagonist! For technical reasons, the series featuring vicar's wife Jodie Welsh has been suspended, so I'm introducing another woman to Kentish village life. Jane Cowan - not her real name - has been physically and mentally abused by her husband, who at last is doing a long stretch in Durham Gaol for the harm he did her.

Determined to rebuild her life, she has accepted a headship of a small village school in Wrayford. Although she wants to regard herself as a survivor, not a victim, it seems that even the weather is out to take away her new-found independence. Then strange and increasingly unpleasant events occur at the school.

As I looked for a new heroine, the news media were covering stories about a teacher who turned out to be a sexual pervert. You will look for him in vain in Head Start, but I will admit that I wouldn't want all Jane's colleagues on my staff if I were a head. Or some of her pupils and their parents in my care, for that matter.

Since I'm in the middle of the next novel in the series, it's clear that Jane survives - but at what cost?


Allison & Busby


20 October 2016


Interesting and enjoyable… highly recommended
Literary Review

This is another thoroughly enjoyable mystery from one of my favorite writers, Judith Cutler... Head Start is a fast-paced, first-rate puzzle of a mystery with an appealing heroine. I hope to read more books featuring Jane Cowan.
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